• Soil Health Trailer extends Cornell expertise

    This summer, CCE's Fay Benson, a member of CCE’s South Central New York Dairy and Field Crops team, traveled throughout New York State hauling the New York Grazinglands Coalition Soil Health Trailer, a rolling lab equipped to provide demonstrations about the value of healthy soil while illustrating the dangers that can lurk both above and beneath.

  • Drone Discovery: Watch

    The National 4-H Council filmed a video at Cornell University focused on the New York State 4-H-designed Drone Discovery challenge in preparation for National Youth Science Day.  Drone Discovery is a hands-on engineering design challenge that explores the science behind drones and how they are being used to solve real world problems. 

  • Extension interns maximize summer experiences

    From using drones to track nutrient management in upstate corn fields to working with Head Start programs in Harlem, Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) interns had a busy summer impacting communities across New York State. Along the way, they learned the value extension brings to applied research and the important role Cornell plays as New York’s land grant university.

  • Harvest NY, SUNY Cobleskill partner on sold-out pork workshop
    Harvest NY, SUNY Cobleskill partner on sold-out pork workshop

    For many current and prospective pork producers, raising the pigsis the easy part. Knowing how the meat is cut and the sausage is made is not always as instinctive. Helping them figure out that piece of the puzzlewas a recent pork processing and marketing class co-organized by SUNY Cobleskill and Cornell Cooperative Extension’s (CCE) Harvest New York economic development and sustainability program.

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Faculty Spotlight
John Elliott

His ecological literacy and design students worked on an Education Center and 4-H Park with CCE Orange County.